Optimism vs. Delusional Thinking

I’ve had Terry Gross in my shower countless times.

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I Am Officially a Paid, Published Writer

Okay, so now I can stop bugging you all about it. An Unlikely Companion is out and in it is my story “An Emptiness That Burns.” If you pre-ordered, I’ve been told the book starts shipping today. If you didn’t pre-order, you can still order a copy here.

To celebrate, I want to boost some of the people* I’ve been working alongside over the last year. In no particular order:

Taylor Lea Hicks has been in almost all my classes. As in, I have fake memories of Taylor being in classes she didn’t take. She has a vignette over in the Portland Review titled “Boneyard,” a flash absurd historical fiction piece called “The Vanishing Table” in Circa, and in Gandy Dancer she has a story called “Neon Tigers” that really hit me in the gut.

KD Williams is impossible to write anything about because I want to say all the nice things and we just don’t have time for that sort of thing. She’s kept me sane this last year. You can read KD’s poetry at Big Words.

John Stintzi is by far one of Canada’s best exports. He was the first classmate to really read my stuff. I particularly like “A Diasporic Population in Southampton, New York” a poem John wrote while adjusting to living on the Island, now published in my school’s very own Southampton Review.

Tyler Allen Penny took me to see the ocean the first week I met him and that was terrifying. Do you know how big the ocean feels when you can’t see it at night? Infinite. Five poems of Tyler’s are on Columbia‘s Catch & Release this month and you can find them here.

Martina Clark hasn’t been in any of my classes yet but she’s always posting links to resources and is a delight to run into around campus. She’s a contributor to The MFA Years, which is definitely one of the best MFA blogs there is, and you can read Martina’s writing at her website.

Whitney Gaines is one of the cool second year students that intimidated the hell out of me when I started classes last fall. Fortunately, Stony Brook Southampton is a program where supporting each other is valued far above petty competitiveness. Whitney writes an excellent blog called Highest Form of Whit. It’s funny, easy to relate to, and the writing is top shelf.

Adrian Bonenberger doesn’t need much introduction or editorializing. You can read his satire at sayagainover and his essays and articles over at The Wrath Bearing Tree.

I am terrible at regularly doing anything, let alone regularly updating this blog, but we’ll see what the summer brings.

Shout out to all the classmates I didn’t or couldn’t list in this post.

*There are considerable gaps in this compilation. Partially because not everyone is published or has a blog and partially because Taylor was the only one who sent me links.